Success Stories

Hypnotherapy Testimonials...What client's have to say:

"Rosa, thank-you! I just wanted to say Thank you for everything you have done for me. I greatly appreciate all that you have done for me! Also, thanks for the gift, you are a very special person and it was an honor to work with you. I met people all over the world, all the time, actually daily, but it is a rarity to find a GEM like you. I realise where most of my issues comes from, and I know life isn't perfect, but I am better capable to deal with what life throws me! Anyhoo, I THANK you for all that you have given me, I know that I am on the right path again." - Kathryn, Whistler

“I am truly grateful to have Rosa's guidance in my journey of self actualization.  We moved through many layers of stagnant energy, releasing old, habitual patterns and thoughts to find my best self. Her skills allowed for me to be open and brave in my vulnerability. She allowed me to hear my deepest self speak my truth and FOR ME TO REALIZE it!  My life is forever changed on such a significant level.

Thank you Rosa for your kindness, guidance and amazing skill.” ~ A.S., Courtenay, BC (Anger and Self Esteem Issues)


"Wow, it is not easy to put into words what you have done for me in our sessions.  I knew within moments of meeting you that I felt comfortable going through the process ahead as you were engaging and relatable..also very cool that you have a southern European background and trained with an ex-Mormon, so lots of context there for me to feel confident that you would 'get' a lot of what I had been through.  


The most amazing experience was for sure our 3rd session when we broke through to the heart of what had been causing me such excruciating emotional pain for the previous several months after my recent breakup with my boyfriend and all the emotional pain that was coming up now from my divorce after a long marriage.   

I had also been going to counselling, reading, and doing my very best to intellectually move through my pain and despite that it was growing rather than lessening. What I learned in that incredible session with you was the true source of my pain and insecurity...and the process of lifting it all off of me and leaving it behind there made me feel like a new person, completely free, happy and most dramatically, at peace inside.


Before this happened I spent much of my days sobbing and filled with sadness. After this session, the tears just stopped. I didn't need them anymore! I felt light and peaceful with a gentle outlook on everyone in my life. That has now been nearly 2 months with just a couple of days with some leftover sadness bubbling up. My family and loved ones could feel the change in me right away, and several are now wanting to work with you too :))) My perfectionist tendencies have eased off, I am not so driven to try to caretake everyone in my life, and my Son noticed how just talking with me is different now..I think because I am fully present and not judging myself so harshly inside. I now understand that I need to take care of the 'inner' me, and don't feel a desperate need to be in a relationship to be 'needed' by someone else. I can love me now, and be a balanced and whole person because of that. 


Rosa, you have an incredible talent and gift. Is it possible to thank the one who brought about this massive change for the better in me? I really don't know, but I can say that you have given me the peace and confidence to move forward with joy and love, and I'm really looking forward to my future." ~ Jacqueline, Surrey, B.C.  Summer, 2015  (Self Esteem Issues; Blocks to Relationship Success; Reframing Negative Childhood Events)


"This was a journey for me.  I learned so much about myself.  I went in for Arthritis but I feel like I gained so much more than that.  I gained self-love and a level of self-awareness that I 'd never discovered before." ~ Kim, Coquitlam, BC  2016 (Arthritis) 

Smoking Cessation Program - Evaluation Form Questionnarie:

How is your life going now as compared to when you were smoking 8 weeks ago?  

When I stopped smoking after 30 years, it was like saying goodbye to an old friend who was always there for me, but this friend was controlling my life. Now this friend no longer has control over me I have become rejuvenated, I now think of how I was also affecting other people's health, I always have money in my pocket, the money I have saved by not smoking is paying for a future holiday and I have so much more time to do other things. (I never realized how much time I wasted when I was smoking). It's been over 2.5 months since I quit and it still feels better and better every week.


How confident do you feel in remaining a non-smoker? 

I am very confident that I will remain a non-smoker. I have been smoke-free since the first session we met!  I had reached the point in my life where I had really made up my mind that I wanted to quit. That attitude and the subconscious mind work made it all happen so easily.


Is there any issue with continued cravings?

I've tried multiple ways of quitting but hypnosis helped the most. The benefit that really made the difference was the minimizing of deep cravings. My thoughts about smoking always remained very superficial so that I never "caved in."

Is there any issue with anxiety related to not smoking?

After 2 sessions I did not find that I had any anxiety, short temper or nervous feelings at all.

Any other thoughts, comments?

"Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things one will do in your life and is a mind over matter fight. "Anybody that really wants to quit can quit with hypnosis. I whole heartedly believe that Rosa has the answer for people who are serious about quitting.  Thank you very much Rosa. - Serko, New Westminster, BC July, 2015


"Rosa, I would like to thank you for freeing me of so many thoughts, feelings and worries!  The hypnotherapy sessions proved to be helpful in so many ways.  I was able to learn strategies through our meetings that I could take home with me and use when I needed them…life long skills that will enable me to cope with whatever comes my way.  Rosa you are amazing!!!  I know I could not have made the progress I did without your expertise and guidance.  You are a very kind and thoughtful person who really cares about her clients.  I would highly recommend you to anyone who has issues to overcome. Thank you!!!! - S. North Vancouver  (Self Esteem, Confidence)

"I felt I  was the one in control.  If something wasn't addressed it was due to my unwillingness to deal with the issue.  Rosa is an amazig Hypnotherapist and she helped me bring down many walls of fear and anger.

I am extremely grateful I found Rosa.  She helped me to understand that not only do I need to forgive the people around me, but most of all, to be forgiving and loving to myself". ~ G.J., Maple Ridge, BC (Choking and gagging issue)


"Wow, what an experience.  thank you again, so much, for that.  I was extremely comfortable having you guide me through that important life!  I can't believe how much that life affected everything in this one.  Everything I felt/sensed held so much information that was necessary for me to witness to release and undrstand things today!" - K.A., Vancouver, BC  (Past Life Regression)

"It's amazing how I never beleived that my pulling my hair had to do with how I found a way to sooth anxiety stemming from my childhood.  I always just believed it was a habit I picked up with no realization that it was more than just that.  Thank you for helping me find a healthier way to sooth my inner child. She's a lot happier....she's letting my hair grow back in!" - Tina S., San Francisco via Skype Sessions (Trichotillomania)

"My time with Rosa has been a journey.  I had a powerful motivation to undergo hypnotherapy.  At first, I was eager to drop the heavy burden of my negative self talk.  Now I am enthusiastic to see what is possible for my positive growth.

During hypnotherapy, I try to give myself to the experience.  I was unsure of my responses the first time, but since then I have left no room for doubt, either about myself or the process.  Rosa guides me expertly through the physical relaxation techniques that also bring me to a state of mental alertness.  The entire time, I know I am in good hands.  My body responds naturally to Rosa’s words.  To get maximum benefit from the session, I do my best to listen to my responses, without judgement.  I honour every feeling, image, and sensation that my body and brain present to me.  I may not always understand why they are there, but Rosa promptly guides me through the process of exploring them, gently and with sage-like insight.

I came to this healing modality not hoping for change, but needing change.  My desire to experience relief was so strong that nothing was going to stand in my way.  I had never been more ready for anything than my first session with Rosa and I have been blessed every time we’ve met" - Jessica, Mexico via Skype.  Sharing thoughts about how she has allowed the process to happen and first session insights


"First I must say. what have you done to me?  I'm feeling amazing... loved by myself.. have my 20 year old swagger back:) It's truly a gift Rosa and I must thank you.  I'm walking not running I'm happy not sad... I'm found not searching... it's even affecting my professional relationships.

----- and I had dinner this week as friends and it felt like we were two different people:) Yes, still in love but not about needing, more about enjoying each other’s company and wanting to continue a friendship...

I feel like a new man, Lassie:)  My wee man (referencing Inner Child) and me are a very happy pair. . . I did get emotional telling ----- about my marathon session with you but no tears since then but tons of smiles and inner warmth.  ~ Ian, Surrey, BC (Self Discovery; Self Esteem; Relationship Issues Fall, 2015)

"Living with anxiety and the symptoms of IBS, I felt frustrated, alone and utterly defeated thinking that I would never be able to do the things I wanted to in life. Anxiety, along with IBS meant that even something as simple as leaving my house was difficult. I was constantly worrying about when my IBS symptoms would creep up and everywhere I went I had to keep a running tab of where the nearest bathroom was. Eventually it got to a point where I would not go to places I wasn't familiar with or to those that I knew there wasn't a bathroom nearby, even if this meant giving up things that I enjoyed. I felt guilty about being anxious and not being able to do things with friends and family but found it difficult to explain to them what anxiety feels like when they have not experienced it. It is not something you can just turn off on your own or forget about, which is where hypnosis comes in.

The day before I was set to begin a new job my anxiety had reached an all time high. With there being so many unknowns I was terrified to go to work the next day. I visited my doctor that day hoping she could give me some sort of magic drug to make it all disappear. Unfortunately, this was not the case and although she did give me a prescription for a low-dose anxiety medication she warned me about its side effects and how it can become addictive, which worried me. After that I went home and started researching alternative ways to treat anxiety and came across an article on the use of hypnotherapy. In reading this a light went off in my head and I remembered hearing a story on the radio about how the DJ had used a hypnotherapist to treat her fears, and just then the website name ( popped into my head.

After my initial meeting with Rosa I felt completely uplifted and hopeful, something I hadn't felt in a long time. I was sure that hypnosis would help my anxiety but I was a little skeptical on how it would help my IBS. However, after hearing Rosa explain how powerful the mind is and the interconnections between the mind and the body, my scepticism quickly faded. After just four sessions I can honestly say that I am cured and can finally live life on my terms. I have no anxiety or IBS symptoms anymore and am so thankful to Rosa for giving me my life back. By being open-minded about hypnosis, committing yourself to the process and putting your trust in Rosa, I do not doubt that you to will have the same outcome."  - Tanya, Anmore  (IBS and Anxiety)

"The energy in the room was so supportive.  It was liberating to be there." - Nancy, Burnaby (Feminine Intention Workshop Participant)

"The best or most enlightening experience: "EVERYTHING!  I cannot believe what life would be like if I never came to see you.  All of your help, support and kindness encouraged me to live life without OCD.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Nothing I can give you or write can express how much you have helped me!  Life is good!" - Samantha, OCD; Germophobia  (14 years old)

"What was your best or most enlightening experience from your day? " I woke up Sunday morning firm in my decision to retire and move on into the next phase of my life!  I will be retiring at the end of December.  What had been a seemingly difficult decision just became overwhelmingly EASY!  Thank you!!!!" - Catherine, Coquitlam (Feminine Intention Workshop Participant)

"I wasn’t sure what to expect from hypnosis. I am glad that I did it. It enabled me to release a lot of emotional baggage that I’ve been carrying around for many, many years. I always knew that my childhood traumas effected my present day life, but I didn’t realize to what degree until hypnosis. As my confidence grows, my fears and insecurities shrink.  The most enlightening experience from our sessions was the visualization of my father sitting across from me, not being able to speak so I could express how he made me feel. This gave me a voice for the first time. It allowed me to release a lot of emotional baggage." - Paula, Burnaby, BC (Anxiety, Fear and Self Esteem Issues)

"Seeing  other women going through changes in their lives and needing help and being strong or getting stronger ( even in those couple of hours) – the power of the “tribe” is amazing – and having you as our guru. I am so grateful and happy I came." - Natalie, Burnaby (Feminine Intention Workshop Participant)

 "I am in happy spirits,  I am not stressed I haven't felt this way in months!  I would like to thank you for a wonderful session, so much came up; I let go of so much.  You taught me, and gave me the tools to help me help myself.  This on SKYPE!  I slept so well and woke up with so much energy! I was happy to come to work.  There is nothing I can't accomplish, I have nothing to fear.  Amazing how I went back to a moment in childhood that left it's mark on me for 47 years, and how you took me there with such ease and put it all into perspective, that hour felt like minutes. I have forgiven my teacher, my classmates and I let it go.   Now I know that when ever I feel  distraught and overwhelmed, I know what to do.   In one session you built up my self esteem, which was very low and you took away the pain. Thank you sweety". ~ Manuela, Lisbon, Portugal SKYPE SESSION (Self Esteem; Workplace Stress)

What was your best or most enlightening experience from your sessions?
"It wasn’t only one there were many and is hard to prioritize.
•    One of them was the power of hypnosis, the deep relaxation and the sensation of power after the session.
•    Another one was knowing (and deeply understanding) the root-cause of my issues with digestion.
•    Another was to see the effect of re-written beliefs – life was as comfortable as before and changes were seamless".

"Overall this is a life changing process (experience). I was driven to hypnosis by stress and health issues related to feeding and digestion.
My health history with acute symptoms is in the range of 20 years and no permanent solution from Western or Oriental medicine.
Hypnotic regression gave my life back and the joy of living it, thank you, Rosa". ~ Mihai,Burnaby, BC - Digestive Issues, PTSD, Work Stress, Self Esteem

"Been a busy little bee! I have been doing FANTASTIC since our session! Wow, that was really what I needed to break down a big wall. Honestly, for about a week after our session I went into a shell but I think now maybe I was just processing everything because I feel a HUGE shift! Things are amazing, I feel so much better about myself and believe in my self 100% :)  Had a solo show opening on Saturday  and sold half the show, made it into the newspaper, where they quoted artworks gallery saying my art is a great investment :)  And made the biggest sale of my career, all in the last week. I have been overflowing with positive energy and my Husband and I are communicating on a much higher level so I believe our session was really huge for me.YOUR AWESOME!!!  Thank you so much for everything!!!" -  L.A. - Maple Ridge, BC (Tune Up Session)

"The share first thing in the morning – it was incredibly bonding.  Everyone was made to feel very comfortable and of value to the group.There was so much good stuff to cover; this workshop could easily have been a couple of days - a weekend retreat, perhaps?It was an amazing workshop – I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thank you! - Leyla (Feminine Intention Workshop Participant)

"I’ve always considered myself to be fairly well adjusted and able to cope with life.  It was a surprise to learn that some early life experiences had continued to have negative impacts on my Adult life.  Very enlightening and useful.

This was a most interesting and enlightening process – going within to find the information that my Subconscious Mind had always had and bringing it forward into my conscious mind.  I feel so much lighter for the experience – lighter in thought, emotion, spirit, mind and body!” – CM, Coquitlam, BC (Weight Management)

"It took me a while to decide to give Rosa a testimonial as my issue was so personal.  And as a guy, it's hard to talk about.  But it it helps other guys get help, then I'm doing my part.

Rosa helped me deal with a long standing issue with PME.  I found myself in a healthy relationship for over a 3 years and yet couldn't maintain an erection.  I thought it would go away when I really loved a woman. But it didn't.  I appreciate that Rosa never made me feel uncomfortable and I believed her, after a session, that she was only there to help me and not judge.

The experience was pretty eye opening.  I never realized that my past..I mean all the way back to being a kid, had anything to do with my issue.  But it did.  After 7 sessions, which I worked harder at than any job I've ever had, I can say that I have gained confidence in my sexual ability. I can't say I have it back cause I never really had it unless I drank. So there it is.  It worked and my Wife thanks Rosa!" - CZ - West Vancouver, BC (Premature Ejaculation/PME)

"The best part of the workshoop was being able to practise, practise, practise!  Being able to go through the whole process 3 times, completely, really helped to 'seat' it in my 'minds' - conscious and subconscious.  ...I came away much more confident in my own ability (to use Self Hypnosis)" - C.M., Coquitlam BC ~ Shared comments on Self Hypnosis Workshop March 16, 2013

"Mornings are amazing Rosa, Thank you so much. For many, many years I've had a headache or light headache most of the time, or even a pressure in my skull.  Even if I didn't have a headache, every morning I was feeling tired, at least since I was 10 years ago.  If I wasn't feeling tired or not a headache, I had always the heavy feeling of hopelessness and deep sadness, but most of the time I was in a bad mood,  AND THIS, SINCE CHILDHOOD, Rosa.

Since these last days, I wake up happy and headache free with the energy to do something. I felt deeply happy this morning!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU AGAIN!!!   I sleep much much better.  I sleep more deeply and some nights I don't wake up once or twice a night.

Since our last appointment, I felt I got my inner power back... it was a special feeling. I feel my body, I sense my body every moment of the day and I feel happy about it.  I feel my body and I am happy for who I am, as a physical being. I feel that I love my body and for that I love my self.... special feelings, Rosa, all this is new since many years.   I feel I'm losing weight".- Silvia, Surrey, BC (Migraines; Chemical and Light Sensitivity; Weight)

"The whole experience with you, Rosa, was one that I will be forever thankful for. I was guided into my subconscious with such kindness and understanding,   The revelations that have fallen  before me during the learning periods, and the fact that I am aware of the positive changes, in my relationships and with myself, well, I am excited about the continued changes and the journey ahead." - Jane, Richmond, BC (Anxiety; Anger)

"..... we met yesterday at the Port Moody Curves. I was intrigued and impressed with your session; I do believe it was the first and only time I have ever been able to relax fully during any type of hypnosis session - be it therapeutic or a stage performance. You are very good at what you do, and I admire your skill and technique. - Curves Member, Port Moody

"..... What I liked, too, was that you were up front about what you thought you could do to help me and offering pricing package early on. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning but I picked up on your optimism and trusted your instincts. That's the other thing, that you created an atmosphere of trust which was important to me as I did have some feelings of skepticism at the beginning. But you were very fair and up front about everything. So, thank you so much for all your good work. I really feel I am on a different path now, something has changed inside of me" - RB, Vancouver

"..... honestly, whatever we've already done (in the past sessions) has been more than sufficient in providing me with results!  When I came to you in December, I was 185 and today I am 167!!  Almost 20 pounds lighter!!  It's been going slower...but I prefer that and when I think about nearly twenty pounds gone...we must have done SOMETHING right!!  All I drink is water, I crave to get to the gym (If I don't go I miss it!)  I find myself voluntarily wanted to participate and start up new hobbies that are a part of a more active lifestyle!!   And my nutrition is so improved.  I feel really great!  I'm maintaining this lifestyle and the pounds continue to come off...slowly but consistently." - Carmen, Surrey (Weight Management)

"...... Rosa, this was all very amazing.  In the process, I was able to understand myself better and look forward to a new future for me and my new family.  I was also able to accept myself for me - with all of my "stuff".  It is a very cool feeling, knowing that you are "okay".  Nothing to fear, nothing to worry about, just okay." - Janis, Langley (Fertility)

"Hey there Rosa; First off I would like to thank you so much for getting me to quit smoking - I haven't even had a craving since our session, even being around people that were smoking!"  (Smoking Cessation Program Sep/08)  -  Jasmine, Vancouver (Smoking Cessation)

"....I never thought that quitting smoking would be so easy!  Your working with my "Smoker" was really what did it.  I had no idea that my Smoker was protecting me from ---.  To clear it and get on with being free of that chain around my neck is liberating.  I can't thank you enough for helping me save my life!". (Smoking Cessation Program June/08) -  Kenneth R. - Maple Ridge (Smoking Cessation)

"Having been both a student and a client of yours, Rosa, I feel quite comfortable considering you as a personal mentor. As a client in hypnosis, you guided me with your heart and helped me reach those "locked up" areas within my subconscious mind and now I feel - I know - I can achieve anything I want. As a student, you inspired me with your methods and your wisdom. You always left me awestruck during and after a demonstration. Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do. - Don, Calgary (Hypnotherapy Student)

"....everything that we dealt with was what I wanted to deal with at the time and I know that when I feel like dealing with something else I will call and make an appointment. I feel complete resolution with what I set out to accomplish. Right now I just have to let my mind adjust and that will take just a few days and then it will go in the background. - Shannon, N. Vancouver (Sleep Issues)

".... I would have to say that each session brought more enlightenment and understanding at such a deep level that I was moved each time. Every time I left I found I was in awe of the depth that we went to in my subconscious and how much we discovered and dealt with.  I would feel stunned that it works, and that I couldn’t wait to see the results.  - Sylvia, Delta (Anxiety)

"An incredibly insightful and moving day. It was so great to be in a group of women who are all wanting more in life and seeking ways to get'er done." - Laura, Langley (Feminine Intention Workshop Participant) 

".... This is a great story of a Man who had been biting his fingernails for as long as he can remember and most of the time subconsciously. This man is also very analytical and can usually figure things out based on simple logic, this one has boggled him and with a few short-term attempts under his belt he resorted to external help. He was aware of hypnotherapy being that solution he needed to look into after a very close friend had mentioned it’s benefits and experiences. So with a blind eye he Googled that professional skill and offering with proximity close to his place of work. The results were Rosa, her website expressed her passion and skill with regards to using Hypnotherapy to resolve the various situations that we as humans get “stuck” in.

He knew his biggest challenge was his powerful analytical mind, so step one was to not search, investigate or analyze hypnotherapy. To enter into this world with a blind eye and an open mind, something also mentioned by my friend. He was tired of the constant nail biting and he was willing to do whatever it took to conquer what he termed as “the last thing” in his own personal journey of cleansing and moving forward.

Session 1: Mind Games, entering a state of relaxation

Rosa was very patient and listened to his stories and explained the process we were about to enter, it all made perfect sense to him, while the mind was still swirling with his own analytical answers, "shut it down" he said, "just shut down".

The process began and he was struggling with his mind, listening closely to Rosa’s guidance he began to relax to a state of body sleep and mind awareness. It was an interesting experience because his mind was controlling the body to sleep and yet his mind was also questioning what was happening. A tiny battle was taking place in an area that we as humans cannot see or hear. His body felt like it weighed a ton, it tingled as if asleep or numb, he struggled with movement and his mind said, “Hey, if you want to move it you can”.

This session was simply a test or a guidance to show you where you were to go and how to get there. He felt that this was a strange feeling or experience but also that it was at a surface aware level and that he could go way deeper, he just needs to shut his mind off.

The following week he had an awareness of his fingers entering his mouth, which was new to him. He was very excited with that small movement but he was still concerned about session 2. Rosa said to him that they would go deeper and have conversations to answer questions. His mind said “What does that mean, where are we going”. He knew now that he had to understand more about hypnotherapy, so after a few hours of searching and reading he felt that he understood more or really just reassured himself on what Rosa had said all along the journey.

Session 2: Journey to the center of the mind

He knew this was going to be interesting and he knew this was also going to be a huge challenge. We started and very quickly he found himself settling into a deep relaxing state. This was a new level for him; he could feel how deep he was as movie like images began to snap like a slide show though his mind with some being clear and others foggy. Rosa began asking questions and wanted to know why he chewed his nails, his mind was split in two, one side was going “I have no clue”, the other responds with “Weakness, must hide weaknesses (from others) by masking bitten nails as the only one.”. His mind then began to race with half of it going “are you kidding me” and the other side going “that’s it, that’s the reason”. Rosa then asked me to give a name to it and the name “Michael” popped up, where did this come from, what does it mean, these are questioned that flashed though his head as the other half said “go with it”.
He was being challenged like never before with his mind excepting what it was saying, no analyzing, just going with.

He then found himself in a scene, at the age of 4-5, that had some familiarity, he saw a dog laying down, he was sad and angry, angry because mom said “it’s just a dog” as she was on the phone and sad because he loved the dog. He knew the dogs name and could see clearly what it looked like, but half of his mind was going “how do I know this, I don’t remember this dog”. The dog was dead, it was laying so still, no apparent injuries but it was if it was asleep and he couldn’t wake it. What did this mean, why did this appear to me, was the weakness related to the fact that I was showing emotion and my mom wanted me to stop.

Rosa guided him gently further back to another scene, at the age of 2, where he was in a bath with his mom. The moment he focused on the scene it was very familiar, he had had this scene or image in his head his entire life; it was like on frame of a movie that stopped and only focused clarity in a small area. He was intrigued because he knew the image but not the movie. It was an opportunity to rewind and play what he has wanted to see for many years. He was playing the tub, happy and splashing, then with a youthful grab towards mom, he found himself pulling her in her private area. She took him hand and smacked it and told him it was bad, she was very upset, he didn’t understand, what did he do wrong.

Rosa then guided him to enter the scene as himself, with myself as a baby. She guided him to be with him as a baby, to take his hand and reassure him that everything is going to be okay and that he will turn into an amazing man. As he stood up he could see himself smile and begin to play again as if nothing had happened, is this why kids bounce back or change emotions so quickly. This and other questioned riddled his mind as he began to comprehend what just happened. To his amazement, the world began to spiral at an uncontrollable pace, lights, colors, foggy scenes raced by, what was happening, what is this. He is very dizzy, he is watching years of emotions wrapped around the nucleus of this early emotion disembark and disappear. It was like a small explosion of the mind.  Rosa asked, “Where are you”, he responded here, he was out, he was in the room, he could feel the weight of a million bites fade away. He knew it done.

Session 3: Hello, anyone home

He approached the door with confidence it was done; he thought why am he here. Rosa explained that we have to confirm that the emotion is gone, “Michael” was in agreement with the outcome and what else did he want to do or could he do. He somehow knew he couldn’t go as deep as he did the last time, he knew it was done and he knew “Michael” has moved on. He knew this because since the moment everything began to spin at a feverous pace, he had no intention or ambition to chew on his nails. It was a couple of weeks between the 2nd and 3rd session and he had not chewed or even had them in his mouth. Complete success.

Rosa used her passionately validated skills combined with her patience and understanding to guide me through a journey of core emotions unseen since they happened. Then she unraveled the layers with precision to show me what it was and how to resolve it, all though the uncharted paths of the mind. - Ray, Vancouver (Nail Biting)

"I just want to thank-you from the bottom of my heart.  Something you said woke something up in me.  I haven’t felt like this for a long time.  Last night was the true, true test at work, and I didn’t even think about chewing (tobacco).  I was just enjoying my time there without it.

Some of the feelings you evoked during hypnosis were very powerful and carried through still to today.  When you were guiding me through the forest or path at the end of the session, I pictured myself with my wife and kids.  We were the only people in the world.  I remember looking at my wife and knowing much deeper how much I love her.  I called her after and explained to her what happened and my emotions got the better of me again.

You truly are an amazing gift. Somehow, chew doesn't seem important to me.  I feel better.  I feel good.  I have you to thank for ite.  – Colin, Pitt Meadows (Quit Chewing Tabacco)

"Hi Rosa.... just wanted to let u know that its been 3 months + and I'm still a non smoker.  Thanks.... couldn't have done it without you. - Sue, (June/09 Smoking Cessation)

".....I just wanted to say thank you so so much for all your help. My life has turned completely around and I have never been so happy and confident and moving in a direction that lights me on fire! Everybody in my life has noticed a big shift and even my mother and I have become friends! This week my boss said to me he has never met someone more energetic and cheerful, that really blew me away; that wasn't who I used to be and I am so overjoyed that people see me as that now, and that I AM that now!

... Since the last time I saw you I got a call from two New York Galleries, one requesting to represent my work and the other offering me a spot in an exhibition next year. I've sold 14 pieces, and have enough commissions to last me the rest of the year, one is for the olympics! My dreams are coming true... I cant even put into words how grateful I am that our paths crossed, and everything you have done for me; I would not be here now if it weren't for you ... Thank you Rosa - L.A., Maple Ridge (Depression/Stress/Anxiety)

"The sessions were always great.  The best experience for me was seeing the results.  I have no problem sitting down now and studying.  I actually look forward to studying versus the dreaded feeling. For instance I took last week off from as vacation time and I stayed home and just studied.  I have way more focus now.  It is really nice to have a positive, calm feeling towards studying instead of negative feelings.  As well, I am able to retain what I learned which is a big bonus!  

My sleep has also improved.  I actually wake up feeling more rested and refreshed and ready to get on with my day.  Talk about a foreign feeling but I like it!   

Rosa, thanks for your help.  I really appreciated it. I will miss chatting with you!  I hope life treats you good as you deserve it!  Wishing you all the best down the road!" - Nicole, White Rock (Study Anxiety & Self Esteem)

"....I wanted to give you an update. I really procrastinated on listening to the little girl inside me and I feel really awful about that. Once I started amazing things started happening! The blushing has pretty much been eradicated at this point and I feel so much better about myself! I check on her on a daily basis and I am dancing and singing a lot for her. I never sang aloud in the apartment or danced in front of my Husband but now I’m doing it constantly and it feels great! I feel so great! Thanks Rosa!  - Erika, Vancouver (Social Anxiety/Blushing & Self Confidence)

"...It's been a little more than a year since our hypnotherapy sessions in the fall of 2008. You did so much to turn around my way of thinking towards greater benefit and again I want to tell you how grateful I am.

I've incorporated your advice and instructions on self-hypnosis in a way that works very well for me and I've learned to appreciate just how powerful the mind really is when the sub-conscious is pushing in the right direction. - Jonathan,  Dec. 2009

"Just a huge thank you for providing me the opportunity to experience what I did.  Under your professionalism and bright light I felt extremely safe and indeed excited for the experience. I am so glad I finally did this!"  - Beck, Vancouver (Past Life Regression)

"Understanding how primitive are your basic wants and needs and how they drive what appear to be very complex issues (Answer to the question, "What was your most enlightening experience from your sessions")....It amazes me how little we understand about ourselves; yet we have this intellectual smokescreen that everything is under control when nothing could be further from the truth (answer to the question,"What would you like others to know about your experience with Hypnosis and with my service"). - Wayne, Maple Ridge (Smoking Cessation Program)

"...I felt that every single thing that took place in my sessions with Rosa was exactly as it was supposed to be in that moment, therefore, I don't have any concerns that something was not addresses and am extremely grateful for everything that was addressed.  It was a pleasure and an experience that has contributed to so much growth and positive change within me and I will never forget it.  Thank you!" - Toni, Burnaby, BC (Removing Subconscious blocks to career path)

"....I thought I would just update you on my status.  I'm still not smoking and its been 5+ months.  Even surprised myself.  Continued success to you." - E.B., Coquitlam (Smoking Cessation Program)

"..."The most enlightening experience was realizing that positive change has taken place within me." - Randy, Mission, BC (Self Esteem; Freedom from Self Consciousness)

 "The best or most enlightening experience from my sessions was the ability to relax and understand my anxiety as well as how to handle it.
Everything was informative, and, if anything, I had questions answered I didn’t even know I wanted to ask!

Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back and allowing me to feel that I am capable of doing whatever it is that I want! - Kiran, Surrey, B.C., April 2012 (Driving Anxiety)

"I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me. I think you are an amazing person and I just wanted you to know that you helped me A LOT and went above and beyond my expectations. I noticed when I was able to remain calm in a situation I would have normally been raging in and I know that is because you released so much angry and pain. I cannot thank you enough but I wanted you to know what a great job you did" - T.E. New Westminster, B.C. (Trust/Jealousy; Self Esteem)

Just a huge thank you for providing me the opportunity to experience what I did. Under your professionalism and bright light I felt extremely safe and indeed excited for the experience. I am so glad I finally did this! 
"Thank you Rosa! I have so much respect for the work you do.  It really truly does work. Although, I still have more work ahead of me, I feel like the worst is behind me". - G.S., N. Vancouver, BC   2014 (Past Life Regression with continued work on Self Esteem)
"It amazes me that having never met you in person, Skyping sessions have really helped me.  I feel so at ease with your caring and heart-centred guidance.  I am ready to get out and enjoy my life now.  I'm the driver now!!  THANK YOU!" - Carla, Lake Como, Italy 2014  (Driving Phobia)
"I came to see you a number of years ago for help with OCD hand washing, etc.  I wanted to give you an update.  The OCD is much better than before.  This is thanks to your work with the hypnosis and meditation/energy healing work.  I wanted to thank you sincerely and let you know how much you helped me deal with this issue.  So a big thank you! ~ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Vancouver, BC (OCD Behaviours)

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Just a huge thank you for providing me the opportunity to experience what I did. Under your professionalism and bright light I felt extremely safe and indeed excited for the experience. I am so glad I finally did this!



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