The world makes you furious, it's so wrong. Unjust. Stupid. Unfair. The world is full of things to be angry at, always has been, always will be. We get angry to protest the unfairness of life and the shabby way we're treated.  Road rage, physical violence; these are expressions of anger expressed outwardly.  And there is repressed anger, anger held inside which festers as it's expressed inward.

Occasionally and very rarely, anger produces results. As infants, we are awakened at night and howled, and our fury may have brought a parent (if we had good parents) from the dark to pick us up, hold us, warm us, dry us, give us food. If no parent came, we continued to cry, but in twenty minutes, an eternity to an infant, your tears would turn from rage and anger to hurt and grief at the way the world was.  And then to helplessness and hopelessness. We had been exposed to a lesson life endlessly teaches: protest may do no good; the only recourse may be mourning or feeling hopeless with no voice.

Anger is caused by frustration over the fact that the world is not made to satisfy our desires. Anger is thus inescapable, with us in the cradle and with us as we face our death. If we are human, we get angry.

Isn't Anger unhealthy?  Yes and no.

Anger expressed - pushed out from the body - is as healthy as any other emotion. Anger repressed, anger suppressed, anger inhibited, anger kept in the body is toxic. Doctors are just beginning to understand how dangerous internalized anger is. Medical researchers have found that people who suppress their anger, people given to suspiciousness, fuming, and recurrent hostile rages, are putting their lives at risk as much as people who smoke and people who are grossly overweight.

Anger is an emotion.  And it has its root in your history, mainly childhood, when it was first experienced.  The root may have been anger originally but could also have been begun as loneliness, sadness at not having your needs met.  It may have begun as an infant, as indicated earlier, or as a toddler who felt ignored by a parent or caregiver.  The adult expression of the original traumatic and emotional event becomes anger.  This is where Hypnotherapy can help you.  Consciously you don't remember what it is that caused the feeling so long ago.  You may beleive that the root began as a young school age child who was bullied and could not stand up for yourself.  You may feel it began when you were a teen and your parents wouldn't let you drive the family car. You remember how mad you got and hadn't experienced that kind of inner rage.  The problem is that the REAL emotional root is known subconsciously, deep in your memory bank.  And your conscious mind doesn't have the ability to delve into long term memories.  Hypnotherapy uses regression therapy to guide you back, using your current ANGER feeling as a guide to it's root, that significant event that had everything to do with the anger today.  A process of reframing then takes place.  This is when the protective subconscious mind can relearn that this emotional response to outside stimulus is no longer in your best and highest interest.  It may have served the child but it doesn't serve the adult.  It doesn't realize that you're all grown up with rational thought available to you. You heal from the inside out because not only does the subconscious mind relearn, the conscious mind, although only an observer during a hypnotherapy session, ALSO gets the message.  It's so powerful!  And when the relearning happens, the original emotional response is no longer a trigger.  Does it mean you'll be perpetually happy and never feel anger again?  Of course not.  But it is healthy anger that doesn't reach the boiling point.  It's more like feeling irritated or frustrated than angry rage.  YOU will  have control of the situation vs the emotion having control of YOU.




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