Unexplained Infertility




Definition:  no physiological reason for a woman not to become pregnant

This is good news!  In the absence of a pathological impediment, most women can be helped to achieve fertility by exploring “prior programming” or “emotional blocks” i.e.  Negative self-talk about the ability to conceive.  Emotional blocks have a direct causal effect on the endocrine (hormonal) system

Some issues which cause trauma emotionally which may affect fertility are:
- sexual abuse
- past abortion(s)
- miscarriage(s)
- feeling unworthy compounded childhood beliefs

The conscious mind resolves to forget or move past an incident but the subconscious mind stays in conflict because of such feelings as betrayal, guild and endangerment.  This causes the sympathetic nervous system to remain on guard.

STRESS brought on by anxiety and/or depression can alter the immune function.  Reproduction is one of our most delicately balanced biological systems.  Psychological stress can affect our ability to impregnate on multiple levels, including inhibition of the hypothalamus that helps regulate hormonal levels or over activate the hypothalamus which can change the pituitary and adrenal responses.  Since the pituitary glands regulate both how much of a hormone is made and how much is released in the body, its alteration can have dramatic effects on the hormonal balance necessary for ovulation, fertilization, tubal functioning or even successful implantation of the egg once it reaches the womb.

Even when a woman has not been depressed previously, depression often occurs by the second or third year of infertility.

How can Hypnosis help? 

As mentioned previously, the emotional blocks to successfully becoming pregnant are held in the Subconscious mind.  And our subconscious mind makes up 95% of our total mind.  It is the part of our mind that stores all of our emotions, our belief, value and moral systems.  It’s the part that knows everything about our emotional memories because all of our emotional memories are stored here, never to be forgotten. 

The Critical Conscious Mind then logically analyzes all information entering the mind.  If it is believable and logical, it retains it for a short period of time.  Once this is done, it must check in with the Subconscious Mind to see if there is a ‘belief” that supports this bit of information/message unit.  ONLY if the Subconscious Mind has a place for it (the message unit) will it allow entry from the Critical Conscious Mind.  It gets stored, like a computer, in a file containing other information with the same ‘feeling’ around it.  Remember, the Subconscious Mind only stores emotional memories.  If it does not accept it, the Critical Conscious Mind must get rid of it.  It does this by venting it out, along with all the other information it already deemed illogical and unbelievable, through deep sleep. When you dream, you are venting.

So, the Critical Conscious mind may THINK it knows why there is a challenge with fertility.  For example, it may conjure up a memory at 15 years old of how an older sibling became pregnant in her teens and how it was very devastating for the family.   The client believes that perhaps she is not becoming pregnant because of how scared she was over the incident with her sister.  This may well be true, however, most of our emotional beliefs are formed between the ages of 0 and 6, respectively.  Why?  This is when we are most suggestible to information we are receiving.  And, most crucially, the CRITICAL CONSCIOUS MIND HAS NOT YET DEVELOPED!  So there is NO filter to analyze information that a child is receiving by EMOTIONAL PERCEPTION.  It’s how a child FEELS about something, positive or negative, that gets dropped into the Subconscious Mind. It’s how they FEEL about what they are seeing happening around them by watching their role models.  This is how children establish beliefs.  And these can be negative or positive beliefs.  So our ‘truths’ about ourselves may in fact be false. The Subconscious Mind does not differentiate between the two. It’s not its job.  If it FEELS emotional, it accepts it automatically and stores it.

This long explanation is necessary for you to understand where and why feelings are important to understand from the mind standpoint.  I work with clients at the subconscious level which is the ONLY level of the mind that knows why the issue of fertility is present.  Hypnosis is a quick, safe and effective way to bypass the Conscious and Critical Conscious Mind parts to access the Subconscious Mind directly, whereby we can find the initial root cause of the feeling and make positive changes.

Have you ever thought about doing something in your life, big or small, and felt it would be wonderful and that you could do it and yet there was a nagging ‘feeling’ inside, that you could not explain, that made you pause?  Some people call it Déjà vu or instinct.  It is your Subconscious Mind giving you a hint about what it is protecting you about.  Perhaps you were thinking of going for the promotion at work.  You’ve worked hard for it and are qualified for it yet something holds you back?  Just thinking about standing there with your Boss and telling him/her that you want to throw your name in the hat for the promotion makes you feel scared, or vulnerable or sweaty or nauseous?  There is something in your Subconscious Mind, a memory it has stored, that is protecting you around an emotion, for example, being hurt.  Although you, as the adult, know that you are qualified for the job, if you were not to get it, you most likely would feel sad, or rejected or unworthy.  And your Subconscious Mind will do whatever it can to ensure you NEVER feel that way. 

I help the client, using the ‘feelings’ around the issue of fertility, to go back to the VERY FIRST TIME she felt this feeling.  And it is in this state that I can have the client revisit the memory and show the Subconscious Mind that it is still protecting the child the client was.  Yes, the Subconscious Mind protects the CHILD because it was as a CHILD that the client experienced the trauma.  The Subconscious Mind does not know the difference between yesterday, today or tomorrow.  It only lives in the NOW…the NOW of when the trauma happened. 

So whether you are considering Artificial Reproductive Techonology (A.R.T.) such as Invitro Fertilization or Hormone Therapy, or already in the process, give yourself the opportunity to help YOURSELF succeed in reaching your dream.

Don’t let the low percentage of conception given to you by your Family Physician or an IVF specialist take whatever hope you have away from you.  Because, it’s conceivable!



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