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CONGRATULATIONS!  You’re pregnant.  As a Mother of two boys, I remember looking at the pregnancy test and immediately feeling elated that I was pregnant.

Now, this may be your first child or your third.  As a first pregnancy, everything is new and exciting.  If this not your first time experiencing life within you, you may find that your pregnancy will most likely be different from the last.  I know my two were.  We all know that we wait impatiently for an ultrasound to get our first glimpse of our precious babies, to finally have the opportunity to ‘connect’ with our child visually.  Even though we feel the child within, first as butterflies and then as pro-football kicks, the sense of seeing and connecting with our child speaks volumes.  True?

What if you could do this WITHOUT waiting for an ultrasound?  What if you could profoundly connect with your baby in-utero?  You CAN!  Using Hypnotic techniques, I have guided many expectant mothers to connect energetically, sensually and visually with their child.  I'd love for you to also expereince what they did: the awe as you bond with your baby is wondrous to witness. It is truly unique and priceless to be in touch with your child’s energy.   But how is this possible?

Hypnosis is a state of mind that connects you to your feelings.  It bypasses the conscious mind which opens up the realm of images and senses.   Hypnosis is about imagination.  Imagination makes it possible to experience a whole world inside the mind. It gives the ability to look at any situation from a different point of view, and enables you to mentally explore the past, present and the future.  Imagination is not limited only to seeing pictures in the mind. It includes all your five senses and your feelings.  And feelings are energy!  Energy seeks out like energy.  And your unborn little one is emitting energy as well.

All thoughts are energy due to feelngs attached to them.  Thoughts are messengers that we send out to influence our world.  All things, you, me, have energy.  The Universe is energy.  And energy connects to energy.  I'll guide yo to use the power of your mind, to use your energy to connect with the energy of your child.  All senses are used in and hightened in Hypnosis because the subconscious mind is the part of our mind that stores sensory memory.  

Imagine engaging your sense of smell while holding your baby, connecting with that special “baby scent’ that each child has and which we only have the joy of experiencing after birth.  Visualize using your sense of touch to feel your baby’s smooth and tender skin (and to count toes and fingers).  Imagine listening for baby's feelings and perceptions (yes, in-utero, a child already perceives its environment).  And there'll be plenty of time to tell your precious child how much it is anticipated, loved and protected.

It’s transformational.  And the bond between Mother and Child becomes so strong, well before the birth.  The mind can create the environment for this to happen.  And my Mom-To-Be clients all say they “knew” that they were there, without physical boundaries or limitations of time and space, with their child.  Tears cascade down flushed faces as they hold this wonderful memory in their minds and hearts.

I would love to guide you to experience this peaceful and profound technique.  I only wish I had known about it when I was carried my Sons.  So I offer this experience to you in a safe, nurturing way as one Mother to another.

Here are 2 other important areas where Hypnosis has been extremely effective with Pregancy and Birthing:

1.        HYPNOSIS FOR BIRTHING:  Women are conditioned from an early age to expect childbirth to be horrifically painful and that there is always a chance that something will go wrong.  They are `hypnotized` into this belief and any time it comes up through our lives, it`s COMPOUNDED, like a habit.  The more you hear it, the more you believe it.  My role is to `de-Hypnotize` women to understand that each experience is different and that it does NOT have to be an acutely painful experience.

Many women have experienced childbirth as uncomfortably painful vs acutely painful.  It`s manageable naturally. The effect of pain and fear on the body:  75% of pain is emotional.  Yes, it`s caused by the EXPECTATION of pain.  The 25% left is the body`s way of telling us something needs attention.  In the case of childbirth, it`s the body telling women that it`s time to ``open up`` to allow the baby to pass.  Signals are sent to the body to contract ONLY the uterus in order to guide the baby out of the body.  The muscles of the cervic are meant to relax in order to facilitate the child`s passage.  Therefore, I use Hypnosis to embed the fact that when a muscle is tense, it contracts. When a muscle is relaxed, it loosens and becomes limp.   Think making a fist and then relaxing it and the effect on the hand and how it feels.

The work I do is to teach hypnotic relaxation of the body, practised well before the expected due date, so the Mother can guide herself into hypnosis and relax her muscles to facilitate the natural stretching of uterine, cervical and vaginal muscles.

2.       HYPNOSIS FOR FERTILITY.  I have done quite a bit of work over many years with women who are experiencing UNEXPLAINED fertility.  This is when a couple have had unprotected sex for over 1 year and have not conceived.  It is quoted that 10-20% of infertility cannot be attributed to any particular cause.  I work with women, AND MEN, who have been given this un-diagnosis.  My approach is to find the EMOTIONAL root cause as there is not body function explanation.  Logically the person wants to conceive but there IS a subconscious belief that opposes it.  And it’s most always an eye opener for the client.  i.e.  one client was so guilty over a teenage abortion that this was her subconscious way of punishing herself.  Another was that if his wife became pregnant, she wouldn’t need him as much. The root of his issue was being abandoned as a child.

Comments from past clients:

"It was amazing to get a sense of my baby.  I never thought it was possible.  ....she already has a sense of humour".  Tracey, Coquitlam, BC

"I cry just thinking about it (session).  After Aaron was born, I felt closer to him because I already "knew" him".  It was like saying "Hi again, Sweetheart".  Anika, Vancouver, BC

"Before working with Rosa, I would NEVER have believed that my inability to conceive was about ME.  That in my mind was a belief that stopped me from having what I most desired...a child of my own from my own body.  Logically I wanted it.  But my mind had a belief from a time in childhood that put the idea in my head that I would be a lousy mother.  And this stopped me and caused years of unhappiness as my Husband and I tried to have a baby.

6 months after our last session, I conceived NATURALLY!  My baby will be welcomed by my Husband and I in the Fall of 2010.  Was it Rosa's work or just luck or coincidence?  I don't care!  It 'feels' right that it was my work on myself that opened me to finally have what I want most in the world.  I can't thank her enough for gently guiding me to find the answers inside me and then to understand on all levels that I could heal it."   Karen, Surrey, BC



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