The Conscious And Subconscious Facets of a Phobia

As with all the treatment methods that prove to be useful with phobias, hypnosis strikesto the root of the phobic disorder. Hence, it is being practiced with immense success for eliminating nagging problems of phobia. Let’s trace the path that hypnosis takes to reach the root cause of phobias.

Phobias are caused by a powerful link between a fearsome stimulant (heights, spiders, enclosed spaces) and a panic response. This linkage is so strong that it overrides all rational behaviour whenever presented with the slightest hint of the phobic stimulant. Let's examine how this link gets established in the brain in the first place:

Phobias can broadly be grouped into two categories based on their origin of formation. These categories are direct and indirect phobias. In case of direct phobias, the patient has often suffered a traumatizing experience in the past.  As a consequence of the impact of such a dreadful event, the fear response is deeply embedded in the brain in association with a particular object or situation. Often the person suffering from such direct phobias may not remember the actual event which caused it in the remote past of, may be, his childhood days.

The course of an indirect phobia is more complex. Indirect phobias are caused by long term anxiety originating from a number of different factors. The subconscious mind attributes these dreadful feelings to a particular stimulant which may or may not have any direct association with the actual cause. The patients of indirect phobia therefore, suffer from a distorted form of phobic response.

Whatever the form of your phobia, it is clear that it exists on two different levels – conscious and subconscious. Consciously you are aware of an all consuming fear, its detrimental effect on your life and your powerlessness against it. Subconsciously your mind is suffering from a deep-rooted trauma.

Hypnosis delves into your subconscious self to bring this ingrained causative event (or evens) to the forefront. Once your conscious mind recognizes what lies in the subconscious, the task is simple. In many cases, a deep hypnotic state called “regression”provides life changing results. Regression probes the subconscious mind to dig out seemingly forgotten experiences that are the root of a phobic disorder. Hypnosis can then replace the negative emotions with more positive suggestions.

This positive perspective will be easy to remember and relate with the problematic stimulant. Therefore, hypnosis can break the link that is at the root of your phobia. It can do away with negative emotions that have been blocked for so long and free the passage for normal mind functioning.  Repeated sessions can eliminate phobias with surprising ease.

So, hypnosis can liberate you from the clutches of your phobia within a short span! This treatment approach heals the very origin of the problem, spares you all the ill effects of medication and does away with the phobia permanently.



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