Hypnosis is simply a state of mind where one’s concentration is focused and it’s like daydreaming. It bypasses the conscious and rational parts of the mind, which allows access to the highly suggestible subconscious. The conscious mind and it’s logic are turned down, like a dimmer switch, which turns up the subconscious mind, occupying it with feelings and images.

Like children, teens respond extremely well to Hypnosis because they aren’t as jaded about the world and accept things more at face value!   They are at a point where their logical mind functioning is becoming better honed but not yet fully developed . Because of this, they don’t analyze information as adults do. They experience life with some logic but more so from perception – how it looks and feels.

Like children, they are still able to use their imaginations without rationalizing or feeling uncomfortable.  This is the basis of the subconscious.  It is the part of us that imagines, using all of our 5 senses and emotions.  Because of this, they go into trance much easier and faster than adults do. Their focus is sharp and they can move in and out of trance states in a very natural and relaxed way.   And they are able to maintain the state of focused concentration for as long as an adult.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist who works with children and teens, I have found that teens are fabulous to work with because of the reasons explained above.  Once you have gained their trust, they are able to work beautifully with me to find the root of their issue.   I have worked with teens with the following issues (but hypnosis is NOT limited to only these issues.  They are the ones which I have dealt with the most:

Self Esteem and Confidence Building - many teens have been bullied in school and this wreaks havoc on their budding self esteem.  Hypnosis helps them learn boundaries and ways to rebuild their confidence

Study Habits and Exam Anxiety

Sport Enhancement

Trichotillomania -self hair pulling of eyebrows, eyelashes, head hair

Nail Biting

Bed Wetting

Encopresis -  is an elimination disorder that involves repeatedly having bowel movements in inappropriate places after the age when bowel control is normally expected.

Phobias – claustrophobia, fear of dogs and/or cats, spiders,


I welcome working with teens as they are amazing to work with and the results they attain are very rewarding for them and their families.



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