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Weight Reduction through Hypnosis is becoming one of my passions.  It is an issue that is one of the most challenging due to the nature of the issue itself. And one of the most rewarding when helping my clients understand what is happening to them.  The issue of weight, whether it is 30 pounds or  100 pounds, is not about WHAT you eat but about an emotion or emotions that have been attached to food.  It’s about how it makes you FEEL.  You eat because food ‘feeds’ the emotion.

People cannot deprive themselves of food on a daily basis when changing a habit.  Certainly not like smoking, for instance.  It is a fact that diets don't work because they trigger a feeling of deprivation, a primal emotional position that causes people to hoard, collect or crave more of something, including food.  Habit is only a SMALL part of the weight issue; the LARGEST part is the emotional part, the WHY of why we eat.  And part of what I do is locate and eliminate the emotional triggers to eating through Hypnosis and speaking to your subconscious mind. 
The Subconscious mind has EVERY emotional memory you've ever experienced.  And if weight management is an issue, there are a number of “emotional” memories that started the process, most likely in childhood.  Through the years, these emotions were triggered by situations relating to your weight and/or physical appearance, which only strengthen the emotion.  And the more you BELIEVE in something (you cannot reduce weight) the more it happens.  And the more you encounter situations that strengthen that belief, the stronger and more ingrained it becomes.  For example, let's take a love of chocolate.

Your CONSCIOUS mind knows that there are 350 calories and xxx fat grams per slice.  Yet you eat it anyway.  Why?  Because the following beliefs may be in your Subconscious mind:
-  IF I reduce weight, I'll just gain it all back anyway
-  Sugar makes me fat
-  I fail at dieting
-  I will be overweight no matter what I do
-  I feel less “empty” but when I eat the cake; it makes me feel better
So why a Hypnosis vs a weight reduction plan?  Because, with Hypnosis, we help you to find the SUBCONSCIOUS CAUSE of your eating.  It is NOT ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF FOOD YOU EAT.  The conscious mind does not know what the true reason for why this is happening.  It only stores information for 24 hours.  So why work with the Conscious mind when it cannot make permanent change?  Change can only be affected at the subconscious mind level. 

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Hypnosis for Weight Reduction, please give me a call anytime. And look for the SPECIALOFFER on my Weight Management Program as described on the Home Page.



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